Bajrang Agro is like one big happy family that works, lives and celebrates life together.

The fact that it doesn’t have any employee turn-over goes on to say a lot about the affinity people feel for it. At the same time, Bajrang Agro is also a professionally structured organization that follows the formal hierarchy of positions.

But what makes working so much fun at Bajrang Agro is that each member is treated like an essential organ of a body. Team work is at the root of each task while each team member gets his due recognition.

Bajrang Agro members testify of an informal and focused work environment. They are truly being cared for - personally and professionally. The employees are given salary revisions, perks and incentives. In addition, the company pays the premiums for Mediclaim of not only the employees but their families too.

The factory at Ghata Billod, Dhaar has residential quarters for all the employees so as to facilitate convenience of transport. This, on the other hand, has also strengthened a great work culture where everyone feels personally accountable for his work.
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